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«Banken und Hacker befinden sich in einem Wettrüsten»

March 6, 2018  |


«Arms Race of Banks vs Hackers»

March 8, 2018  |


Digitale Panzerknacker

September, 2017  | Der Spiegel


Digitale Transformation: Frauen und Technik?

Das geht – und wie!

Anat Bar-Gear participated in German Boards conference in a panel on how Boards should drive digital transformation

July, 2017  |


«Berge schützen nicht»

June 12, 2017  |  Letzebuerger Journal - Luxembourg


«Die Schweiz fühlt sich zu sicher»

May 21, 2017  |  Schweiz am Wochenende


Digital warfare - the new global arms race

May 21, 2017  |  The Straits Times - Singapore


«Der Aufbau von Wissen ist wichtig»

May 2017  |  St.Galler Tagblatt

BoC Appoints Anat Bar-Gera as Cyber Security Expert

April 2017  |


The Marker Article in Hebrew

April 2017  |


Bank of Cyprus gets cyber security expert

April 2017  |


Wir müssen uns schützen! («We Must Protect Ourselves!»​)

March 2017  |  Ladies Drive


Heute werden Kriege übers Internet geführt – und koordiniert. Die Digitalisierung zeigte unlängst ihre dunklen Seiten, denn Cyberwar ist etwas, das nicht nur Geheimdienste und Staaten interessiert, sondern längst auch Firmen sowie Privatpersonen nachdenklich stimmen sollte. Shira Kaplan ist innerhalb von zwei Jahren zur Cybersecurity-Ikone avanciert. Die israelische 33-jährige Schönheit

bringt mit ihrer Firma Cyverse, die sie gemeinsam mit Serial Entrepreneur Anat Bar Gera führt, Know-how auf dem Gebiet der Cybersecurity aus Israel in die Schweiz – und von hier in die ganze Welt. Sie sprach mit uns über ihre Kindheit in Israel und darüber, wie sehr uns das Thema Cyberwar künftig beschäftigen wird – aber auch wie wir uns selbst vor Angriffen schützen können.


«Schweiz steht im Visier der Internetkriminellen»​
(Switzerland is targeting the cyber-criminals)

Jan 9, 2017  |  Zurich Chamber of Commerce


«Bond, Jane Bond»

Dec 2016  |  PwC CEO Magazine - 20,000 copies globally in 3 languages


«Switzerland is Too Relaxed»

Nov 8, 2016  |  Neue Luzerner Zeitung


«Cyber Expert on a Swiss Mission»

(Cyberexpertin auf Schweizer Mission - in Deutsch)

May 23, 2016  |  Migros Magazine


«Exporting Startup Nation’s Cyber Technologies to a Conservative Europe»

May 8, 2016  |  Ha'aretz - Israel


«Cyber On the Swiss Alpes» (in Hebrew)

April 24, 2016  |  TheMarker Magazine - Israel's leading financial newspaper


«Weisse Ritterin im digitalen Krieg»
(«White Knight in a Digital War»)

Feb 19, 2016  |  Zürichsee-Zeitung


Datensicherheits-Spezialistin Shira Kaplan

Jan 25, 2016  |  Neue Zuercher Zeitung


Cyber-Security für den Wirtschaftsstandort Schweiz

Dec 28, 2015  |  Audiatur Online



Israel: From Start-Up Nation to Cyber-Security Nation

Dec 2015  |  The Fintech Times, London


Die Cyber-Kriegerin aus Küsnacht

Nov 19, 2015  |


The Israeli Cyber Warrior From Lake Zurich

Nov 19, 2015  | - Swiss financial online newspaper


Start Up Moms: Shira Kaplan

Oct 2015  |  Shira's journey as a founder & mother


«There Is Room for Swiss Investments

in Israeli Cyber-Security Start-ups»

Aug 5, 2014  |  St. Gallen MBA News


Swiss venture capital investment in israeli cyber-security startups: a critical analysis

July 7, 2014  |  University of St. Gallen


The role of cross-border venture capitalists has been key to the success of startups. Cross-border venture capitalists provide access to international networks, mentorship and additional funding. This paper analyzes the proposed role of Swiss venture capitalists and corporations as cross-border investors in the emerging Israeli cybersecurity (CS) startup industry. The argument lying at the heart of this paper is that Israeli CS startups have appetite for foreign “smart money,” and that Swiss investors can meet both financial as well as strategic technological goals through such investments. Switzerland is highlighted as a relevant partner to Israeli CS startups because the Swiss financial industry and its critical infrastructure are vulnerable to cyber attack; because Switzerland and Israel have an established history of strategic collaboration, and because Swiss venture capitalists have appetite for diversifying their investments into cyber technologies that do not exist in their home market.


Women in Business - Shira Kaplan, MBA Student

June 15, 2014  |  Financial Times


Managing Whose Wealth? The Impact of the Entrepreneurial Model on the Relationship Manager's Incentives

May 2013  |  University of St. Gallen PLD Thesis (unpublished)


How does the entrepreneurial (formula-based) compensation model affect the behavior and incentives of the relationship manager (RM) in the Swiss private banking industry? It appears that no study in English has addressed this question before. The question is cardinal not just to the management of Swiss banks considering compensating their RMs based on this model; it is of value also to clients taken care by the relationship manager, who end up bearing large agency costs as a result of this model. This purely theoretical study discusses the positive and negative implications of the entrepreneurial model, after examining the KPIs underlying the compensation formula. In light of the extensive public discussion on executive pay, this study brings to the front the issues arising from the compensation schemes of Swiss wealth managers.


Regulating Risk Management:
Lessons from the Subprime Crisis

Jul 2009  |  Israel Securities Authority (unpublished)


What can Israeli capital market players learn from failures in risk management of financial institutions in the US during the Sub-Prime Crisis?


Explaining Iran: Tehran's Aggression in the

Post-Revolutionary Era as a Product of Factional Infighting

Mar 2008  |  Harvard University Undergraduate Honors Thesis


The Upsides of Currency Manipulation:

How China Survived the East Asian Crisis of 1997-8

Jan 2008  |  Prof. Niall Ferguson's Financial History Class


«Arms Race of Banks vs Hackers»

March, 2018  | TV





January, 2018  |  CNN Money Switzerland





Overcoming our cyber insecurity

October 5, 2017  |  Women's Forum for the Economy & Society




Speaker at 47th St. Gallen Symposium
Panel on «Digital Warfare»


May 2017  St. Gallen Symposium

Digital warfare – the power of 1 and 0

Speakers:  Lance James (US), Chief Scientist, Flashpoint

Shira Kaplan (IL), Founder & Chief Executive Officer, Cyverse AG

Sir John Scarlett (GB), Former Head of MI6 and Senior Associate Fellow, Royal United Services Institute for Defence & Security Studies (RUSI), Topic Leader: Andrew Hill (GB), Management Editor & Columnist,The Financial Times





Anat Bar-Gera-The Magical Effect of the Internet in Africa
August, 2011  |  TEDxBayArea





Interview: Anat Bar-Gera, Chairperson, YooMee Africa AG







  • Swiss Association of SMEs
  • Women's Forum for the Economy & Society, Paris
  • Swiss Finance Institute, Zurich
  • Swiss Digital Summit, Zurich
  • UBS Exclusive Client Event
  • Business and Professional Women
  • BDO Hot Topics, Geneva
  • St. Gallen Symposium, Panel on Cyber-Security
  • Richmond IT Director Forum, Bad Ragaz
  • League of Leading Ladies, Interlaken
  • BDO Hot Topics, Zurich
  • Zurich Chamber of Commerce, Zurich
  • Swiss Consulate in North America, Boston and NYC
  • «Switzerland Meets the Israeli Startup Nation» Luzern
  • BDO AG, Solothurn
  • Tages Anzeiger Conference on Digital Security, Rueschlikon
  • STARS conference for Swiss and global executives,
    Stein am Rhein
  • Richmond Finance Directors Forum,
    Panel on Global Cyber-Security Challenges, Interlaken
  • NZZ Swiss International Finance Forum,
    Panel on Bitcoin & Cyber-Security, Berne
  • KPMG Switzerland Annual Cyber-Security Event, Keynote speech «Leveraging Your Cyber-Defense: Lessons Learned From Working with Israeli Startups» Zurich
  • Accenture Switzerland, Keynote speech
    «Women in Cyber-Security», Zurich
  • St. Gallen START Entrepreneurship Summit, Panel Leader on «Security in the Digitalized Era: Where Cyber-Security Meets Fintech» St. Gallen University
  • Hochschule Luzern Technik & Architektur, Guest Lecturer «Israel: From Start-Up Nation to Cyber-Security Nation»
  • Security Interest Group Switzerland (SIGS), Keynote Speech, «Israel: From Start-Up Nation to Cyber-Security Nation», Bern


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