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Act now to defend your organization from cyber attacks.

Who we are

Headquartered in Zurich, we are the leading provider of Israeli best-in-breed cyber-security solutions for enterprises in Europe.


We partner with the most trusted & innovative cyber-security vendors (startups) from Israel, and distribute their products and services successfully to our European customers. At the same time, we invest into these startups.


Our activity is supported by our firsthand familiarity with the Israeli cyber-security ecosystem, which our Founder acquired while serving in the 8200 Elite Technology Unit of the Israeli Intelligence.

CYVERSE Cyber Attackers

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Act now to defend your organization from cyber attacks.

Our Services

We offer hands-on cyber-security services which are delivered by an elite team of cyber-security experts.

Our Technologies:

We monitor the Israeli cyber-security startup ecosystem, in search for technology solutions that meet the following criteria:


  1. Best-in-breed, next-generation solutions for enterprises
  2. Highly reliable vendors with sound financial backing
  3. Seamless product delivery and product support
  4. No visibility into customer data or infringement of customer / employee privacy
  5. Commercial use only, no relationship whatsoever to the government or the military


We conduct in-depth analysis of the product and the team to secure that the product is suitable for our customers. We enable our customers to select whether they would like to interact directly with the Israeli vendor, or conduct the business through Cyverse AG. Both options are available.


The Israeli Cyber-Security Ecosystem

Here are a few highlights from the Israeli cyber-security ecosystem:


  • The ecosystem consists of over 500 cyber-security startups, concentrated in a few main locations in Israel
  • 15% of the global annual sales in cyber-security are generated by Israeli cyber-security vendor
  • Israeli cyber startups are inspired by the success of publicly-traded companies that were founded by Israeli entrepreneurs, such as CheckPoint, Palo Alto Networks, Imperva and CyberArk
  • The ecosystem enjoys the constant flow of young talent coming out of professional cyber-security military service, in units such as the 8200 Elite Technology Unit of the Intelligence, the Encryption Unit, the Software Unit, and the Talpiot Course
  • The ecosystem is fueled by venture capital funding offered by the State Office of the Chief Scientist, together with a robust infrastructure of Israeli and foreign venture capital funds, and dozens of Israeli and foreign angel investors. According to the IVC Meitar report, between 2013-2017, Israeli cyber startups raised 2.2 billion USD in capital from investors, and exited for 5.4 billion USD (in acquisitions and IPOs)

Our Leadership

Shira Kaplan

CEO & Founder

Anat Bar-Gera


Shira’s technological training dates back to her military service in the Israeli 8200 Elite Technology Unit of the Intelligence, where she served as Cyber and Intelligence Analyst. Prior to founding Cyverse, she held business management positions at publicly-traded companies including Teva Pharmaceuticals Ltd. In Israel (NASDAQ: TEVA) and Bank Julius Baer & Co. in Zurich (SIX: BAER).

Shira is an alumna of Harvard University (B.A., 2004-2008), where she studied Government and Mandarin Chinese, and was a Shelby Davis Scholar. She holds an MBA from St. Gallen HSG University in Switzerland (2012-2014), where she wrote her thesis on Swiss Venture Capital Investments in Israeli Cyber-Security Startups, and where she was awarded the “Women in Business” Scholarship.

Shira has won several other awards, including the “Seeds of Peace” scholarship, the Goldman fellowship and the Milken Fellowship. She has been featured in CNN Switzerland, the Financial Times, the Neue Zuercher Zeitung, Bilanz and dozens of other newspapers. She is mother of two and resides on the Lake of Zurich. In 2017, Shira was selected by the World Economic Forum as “Young Global Leader”. Shira is an angel investor in Israeli cyber-security startups.




Anat is a Board Member of the Bank of Cyprus, LSE (BOCH), CSE (BOCH/TPKH), with focus on Digital Transformation. She is a member of several Boards and Councils including the World Economic Forum Expert Network, as well as a former member of the World Economic Forum Global Agenda Council; INSEAD Entrepreneurship Advisory Council; UNICEF Swiss National Board; Swiss Society for the Technion Institute of Technology, Israel, and INSEAD Swiss Council.  Anat is a serial entrepreneur and the co-founder of several telecom & Internet international companies, with numerous successful exits. These included YooMee Africa (sold to an African business family), Wimax Telecom (sold to Nextwave, Nasdaq listed), SurfEU (sold to Tiscali, Milan listed), RSL Communications (sold to RSL, Nasdaq listed) and Airpage (sold to Telenor). She was previously an investment banker with UBS in Zurich. Anat is a regular speaker at international conferences. She gave a TEDx talk in the Silicon Valley, and spoke in the World Economic Forum, the House of Lords, United Nations' World Investment Forum, the World Trade Organization Summit, ITU, St. Gallen Forum, German Boards Conference, and others. She has been featured on the Wall Street Journal, Financial Times, Neue Zürcher Zeitung, Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung and DER SPIEGEL. Anat holds an MBA from INSEAD and an LL.B. from the Hebrew University.

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CYVERSE Cyber Attackers
The Israeli Cyber-Security Ecosystem
CYVERSE Headquerter Cyber Security
The Israeli Cyber-Security Ecosystem
The Israeli Cyber-Security Ecosystem